Easter bubbles? Cider or poire!


There are countless ciders and poirés that offer a tasty alternative to the standard Easter bubbles with an extensive Easter breakfast or Easter brunch. And the great thing: the lower alcohol percentage makes artisan cider or poiré extra suitable for this. Our Easter tips:


Maley Cidre Mont Blanc €12.95

This Cidre Mont Blanc is made from multiple varieties of apples and according to local custom a little bit of pear juice is added to give the cider some extra tannin and bouquet. This is Maley's wineiest cider; a dry cider with a refined mousse. The cider is made according to the classic 'Methode Ancestrale' and is fermented twice. The first fermentation takes place with natural yeasts that come from the apples themselves. The second fermentation is done with wine yeast and a little bit of cider vermouth is added. This cider goes well with egg salads, cheese and ham, as well as asparagus and dishes with creamy buttery sauces.



Les Bulles Ardennaises Poiré € 9.20

The Cidrerie Lalobbe in the town of the same name has been in operation since the mid-nineties. The seven cider orchards are run by Étienne and Blandinne Capitaine. They market their products under the name Les Bulles Ardennaises.
The Poiré from Les Bulles Ardennaises is a light yellow, fresh sour, slightly sweet poiré with a nice balance between the pear sour and the slightly sweet. Made from 100% fermented pear juice on Lalobbe's farm.
Delicious with fresh lunch salads or as an aperitif on a summer (afternoon) day.



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