A drink

Taste is very personal and many ciders and poirés (or perries) are very tasty as an aperitif. A few examples of ciders that we recommend for 'drinks':

Perry's Gray Heron

This cider made from Redstreak and Dabinett apples from our own orchards is bottled young so that it retains its slightly sweet and fruity taste. The taste of both apples is well balanced: a taste of sweet apples is followed by a dry finish with a little bit of funk. Gray Heron is an accessible cider that is loved by many.

Perry's Grey Heron

Ferme de la Poulardiere Poiré

This light yellow organic poiré has a fresh perry taste with a fine effervescence and pleasant acidity. Ideal to drink with a drink, lunch or a summer picnic.

Groot Merm/UWE Cider

Unfiltered, sparkling cider from Jan Westerlaken from Elst. This Groot Merm cider has more body due to the wood aging and little sweetness. As a result, it can serve as an accompaniment to a dried sausage, e.g. from lit and Levie.

Maley Cidre Matterhorn

Matterhorn is a slightly dry and fresh cider. The cider is made according to the Charmat method: that is, the second fermentation has taken place in a pressure vessel. This gives the Matterhorn a nice bubble, making it a very suitable aperitif.

Maley Cidre Matterhorn

Cider Amsterdam

An easy going brut cider from 100% Breton cider apples, no added sugar, no gluten and only 5% alcohol. Bottled especially for Apples & Pears by the family business Celliers de l'Odet.

Cider Amsterdam

Topa Cidre Brut Artisanal

A Basque cider with a balanced taste: dry, but fruity with a good balance between sour, sweet and bitter. A fresh, easy and accessible cider for everyone. Delicious with a drink with some soft cheeses, but also delicious with a picnic or a light lunch.