what is cider

Cider is an ancient drink made from fermented apple juice. Cider is especially popular in areas where a lot of apples are grown. Important cider areas in Europe are: Southwest England, Brittany and Normandy in France, North Spain and Southwest Germany.

At Appels & Peren we only sell artisanal cider: cider made from 100 % pure apple juice. So no taste, smell or dyes.
The alcohol is created by the fermentation process in which the natural sugars in the apples are converted to alcohol. The ciders come from small and medium-sized producers, who generally use apples from their own orchard.

Craft cider (like wine) is a seasonal product, unlike the ciders made by the major commercial cider producers. These are made from concentrated apple juice (about 35 to 50%) and glucose syrup (50 to 65%) and can be produced all year round.
Craft cider is made in the fall (when the apples are ripe). The cider ferments and ripens in winter and can be drunk from summer.