Italian cider makers

Maley cider

Maley is an Italian cider producer based in the Aosta Valley in the Italian Alps. Traditionally, a lot of cider was made and drunk in this area. During Mussolini's reign, cider production in Italy was banned because cider was deemed too "foreign". The orchards present in the area were neglected and forgotten.

Gianluca Telloli, who is a winemaker, was visiting a winemaker in the Aosta Valley in 2010 when he first came across the Raventze apple; a sweet apple that contains tannins and acid and is therefore extremely suitable for making cider. During a trip through the area around the Aosta Valley, he discovered that on the border between Italy and France at an altitude of 1000 meters there are countless old orchards in which, among other things, (Raventze) apple trees and pear trees grow. The apples and pears that used to be used to make cider in the Aosta Valley grow on these trees. Most orchards are about a hundred years old and are full of very tall apple and pear trees. The meadows below are used for grazing and in some cases also for agriculture. From the moment that Gianluca Telloli came into contact with the Raventze apple and discovered the beautiful old orchards around the Aosta Valley, he has devoted himself completely to the production of cider. For this he uses the apples from the old apple orchards in the border area; some orchards are in Italy, others in France. With respect for traditions and environment and using old production methods, he produces elegant and refined ciders.

Maley Cider