'Pét-nat': a special bubble


The sparkling wine: originally considered a failed project, today a festive and popular drink. Did you know that these bubbles are not always added afterwards, but can also be created by natural fermentation? This method is also called 'pétilant naturel' or 'pét-nat' by makers. With this method, the producer bottles a wine or cider before the first fermentation is complete, so that the carbon dioxide from the sugars in the apples creates a fine bubble. But this natural bubble does not just arise: a refined and uncertain process of timing, intoxicating gases and seasonal changes is at the basis. 

In our range we offer more than 20 bottles (cider and poiré) made according to the 'Methode Traditionnelle' (also called the champagne method) and at least 50 bottles made according to the 'Methode Ancestrale' (Pet-Nat). Nowadays, almost all artisanal cider farmers in France work this way, and the method is also gaining ground in England. The result: delicious sparkling ciders for a reasonable price.

Cook and historian Hilary Aker wrote a nice and informative article about it in the FD Personal magazine, which we are happy to share with you (click on the image to enlarge).

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