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more than 150 different types of apple cider and poiré
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Amsterdamse Ciderwinkel Appels & Peren Rozengracht

The Amsterdam Cider Shop Apples & Pears

In our specialty cider store we sell more than 150 different apple cider and poiré (pear cider) at attractive prices, often directly from the cider farmer. Visit our webshop for a nice selection of our range.

The taste of cider and poiré varies from crisp dry or fresh fruity to savory/spicy and firm and rustic. And can of course also be softly sweet and round or full and sweet.

Most of the ciders and poirés we sell come from small, traditional farms in France and England. But we also have cider from the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany and Sweden. We visit many of these companies and the orchards ourselves. We enjoy the contact with the farmers and the authentic passion with which the product is made. Some use up to twenty apple varieties to give their ciders the desired flavor and others swear by that one great apple variety. There is a lot to discover…

We regularly have great offers in our store, come by or order online!

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Ramborn: cider from the rainforests of Luxembourg

Three good friends tasting the local ciders while on holiday in the UK: that's where Ramborn's story begins. During the tasting, the friends shared stories about their parents and grandparents, who used local apples to produce their own cider. This is how the idea arose to create a

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Calvados: magic with apples

Rezha Baktali writes a nice article about Calvados in De Telegraaf of January 12, 2022. He travels to Normandy to learn more about the special drink. And that suits me well: 'For me this year it will be a glass of calvados!' Read the entire article here and see which delicious ones

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'Pét-nat': a special bubble

The sparkling wine: originally considered a failed project, today a festive and popular drink. Did you know that these bubbles are not always added afterwards, but can also be created by natural fermentation? This method is also called 'pétilant naturel' or 'pét-nat' by makers. This method involves bottling the

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Bianca's blog

Bianca, our in-house sommelier (@thewinepetit) has started writing a cider blog for us. We are thrilled that we can finally share this with you! Here is the link: the winepetite cider Blog. Her first post is about keeved cider and features the Pilton In Touch. Please enjoy!

Cider is a surprisingly versatile drink that is delicious with drinks and dinners. You can drink it as an aperitif, in combination with English or French cheeses, with sushi or oysters, sauerkraut or just cozy at the barbecue. You can also use ciders in the kitchen, for example in stew dishes or as a substitute for white wine in the cheese fondue or mussel pan.

In our cider shop you will find ciders and poirés for every moment and every occasion:

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