Bordelet 'sidre' available at Apples & Pears


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Now available in our cider shop in Amsterdam: the high quality ciders and perries made by Eric Bordelet.
Eric Bordelet is perhaps one of the most acclaimed cider makers in all the world. Nearly 25 years ago, Bordelet made a career switch from sommelier at the Parisian three-star Michelin restaurant Arpège to taking the reins of the family orchards. In Charchigné in Normandy, he organically cultivates about 20 types of cider apples and 15 types of perry pears. After hand picking and drying for 3-9 weeks, the finely cut fruit is pressed by hand with a wooden press. The result after a few months of fermentation at 5-10 degrees: fine ciders and perries.

Sidre Brut Tendre € 9,50
Sydre Argelette € 14,95
Poiré Authentique € 14,95
Poiré Granit € 19,95


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