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Distillery Lubberhuizen Betuwer Apple Eau-de-vie 42% 35cl

Lubberhuizen eau-de-vie is made from Goudrenet, also called Schone van Boskoop, because that of the well-known and available Dutch apple varieties shows the most character after distillation. Each bottle (35 cl.) contains about five kilos of fruit. The result is an honest and sturdy eau-de-vie, a drink with a 'bite'.


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Distillery Lubberhuizen is located in Varik. It is the first distillery in the Betuwe to distill eau de vie from fully ripe fruit in a traditional way without additives. They produce pure eau de vie from fruit from the Betuwe, without any flavor additives. After delivery, the ripe fruit is first fermented in their yard, in one of the monumental buildings. After the yeasts have done their job, the pure eau de vie is distilled according to traditional methods. This takes place in two firing rounds: rough firing and fine firing. Especially in this second distillation process, the craftsmanship and experience of the distillers come into play. Some of the Eaux de Vie are aged for several years in oak barrels and the rest rest for some time in glass dame-jeannes (carboys). The range has various flavours, including the Betuwer Peer, Betuwer Apple, Quince and Betuws Gold.

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The Netherlands


Distillery Lubberhuizen

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soft sweet and round


Pommeau, vermouth & liqueurs