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Brännland Iscider Barrique 2017 9.5% 187ml

Every year Brännland keeps some ice cider aside for maturing in wooden barrels. This softens the high acidity of the cider and combines the taste of fresh apples with the natural residual sugars, creating a complex and deeper taste. Aged for 12 months in red wine barrels, the Barrique has an intense sweetness with notes of spicy apple compote and apricot.


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In 2010, Andreas Sundgren started making Brännland cider in Northern Sweden. After two years of testing and trialling, he concluded that the climate and the apples were better suited to making ice cider. Just like in Canada, the winter cold is used to make this Swedish Iscider. 100% natural, frozen juice from apples from the Västerbotten region and from a selected apple grower in southern Sweden, forms the basis of a cider must that slowly ferments into Iscider.

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Ice cider/Cidre de glace

Flavor Type

full and sweet



Carbon dioxide


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