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Poiré: the lesser-known sister of the apple cider

Poulardière Poiré AOP Domfront


A very nice piece about poiré in Trouw on September 15, 2018.
As a result, the Poiré AOP Domfront of the Ferme de la Poulardière went very fast, but a new shipment has arrived!
Below the text of Seije Slager's piece:

Poiré: the lesser-known sister of the apple cider

Seije Butcher– Marriage, September 15, 2018

Poulardière Poiré AOP Domfront


A permanent panel tests wine, beer, whiskey and non-alcoholics every week. Today a trip to poiré.

This month, let's leave the beer alone for a while. Because it's September, and then the craving for another fizzy drink with about 5 percent alcohol always takes over me: poiré.

Choice stress

Poiré is made from fermented pear juice. A kind of sister of the apple cider, but where it has enjoyed growing popularity for years, poiré remains a neglected drink. Most liquor stores give you a somewhat glazed look, if you ask.

Fortunately, the days of having to stock up on your own at a Normandy farmers' market are over. You will find more and more cider shops online, which often also carry poirés in their range. And in a side alley of Amsterdam's Rembrandtplein, I was delighted to find more than ten varieties in the physical store 'Apples & Pears'.

Overwhelmed by the stress of choice, I fell back on the safe choice: a poiré from the Domfront area. Surrounded by centuries-old pear orchards, this Normandy town has a long tradition of poiré making. It is the only poiré area with a appellation d'origine contrôlée: anyone wishing to use the Domfront label must meet a number of strict conditions.

You can taste the fruitiness of the pears, but it is rather dry than sweet

The Ferme de la Poulardière also proved to be a perfect aperitif for that time of year when late summer and autumn compete for priority. It is very drinkable, but a good poiré is not superficial: it is given depth by a hint of overripeness, which may even lean a little towards rot. You can taste the fruitiness of the pears, but it is rather dry than sweet.

Serve in a champagne glass or a regular wine glass, and the guests are guaranteed to be impressed.

Ferme de la Poulardiere
Poire Domfront
Apples and pears

€ 7,50

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