Bordelet 'sidre' arrived


Available now in our cider shop in Amsterdam: top ciders and poirés from the worldwide known and perhaps one of the most acclaimed cider makers, Eric Bordelet.
Almost 25 years ago, Bordelet made a career switch as a sommelier at the Parisian 3-Michelin star restaurant Arpège and took over the family orchards. In Charchigné in Normandy, he grows about 20 apple cider and 15 poiré pear varieties in a biodynamic way. After hand-picking and drying for 3-9 weeks, the finely chopped fruit is manually pressed with a wooden press. The result after a few months of fermentation at 5-10 degrees: refined ciders and poirés.

Sidre Brut Tendre € 9.50
Sydre Argelette €14.95
Poiré Authentic € 13.50
Poiré Granite € 19.95


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