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UWE Pear Cider Method Traditionnelle 6% 75cl

This pear cider is made from a blend of Dutch and English pears that have matured in the Betuwe. The taste is surprisingly complex with a nice balance. Not too sweet and with a nice fresh taste. Made using the Traditionnelle method.


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UWE Cider&Ales is made in the Betuwe, to be precise in the hamlet of Merm in Elst. There, Jan Westerlaken makes cider from apples from its own orchards. In 2009 the first English cider apple trees were planted at the farm. Cider making has now become one of the main businesses. The pressing, fermentation and bottling all take place on the farm. In 2018, a new orchard was planted in the form of a food forest in the Lingezegen park between Arnhem and Nijmegen. Hop plants, quinces and other ingredients for UWE ciders also grow there. In addition to apple cider and pear cider, UWE also makes Applebrandy (Dutch Calvados) and Pommeau. Since 2021, UWE Cider&Ales has been working to switch to organic.


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