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La ferme D'Hotte Cidre Bouche Du pays D'Othe Organic 6.4% 75cl

la ferme d'hotte cidre bouche bio is an easy, very accessible, not complex cider.

Light style cider, (over-)ripe apples, roasted notes, slightly yeasty and a little bit funky.

Delicious with white cheese, goat cheese and spicy (Asian) food.


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On the south side of the Champagne region in France is the region 'pays d'othe', where since the 16e century cider is produced. This also applies to Ferme d'Hotte, which has been making cider here for thirty years in the town of Eaux-Puiseau. This area is a popular cider region, because of the 40 varieties of local cider apples. These were originally wild apple varieties, but the amount of cider produced here has led to the cultivation of these apples.

The character of Ferme d'Hotte

The apples used for the ciders of Ferme d'Hotte are grown in our own organic orchards. The trees are located in a hilly landscape with a shallow, calcareous soil with a high clay content. It is also rich in flint, which adds a distinctive mineral flavor to the ciders. Because the apples are only ripe late in the year, they are less sensitive to frost. They are harvested at three times in the last quarter of the year, namely in October, November and December. Ferme d'Hotte has two types of orchards. The traditional standard orchards are picked by hand and modern low-stem orchards are picked by machine. Both are pressed almost immediately after harvest. After a fermentation of 3 to 4 months, the ciders are bottled and a second fermentation takes place in the bottle. This is a method very common in the Champagne region.

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