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Gregg's Pit Thorn single variety 2017 in-bottle fermented champagne meth.Sparkling perry 7.5% 75cl

A single variety perry made using the champagne method, resulting in a dry, sparkling and complex pear cider.


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James Marsden bought Gregg's Pit in 1992 and began renovating the neglected cottage and orchard of many varieties of cider apple and pear trees. The age of some trees went back as far as 270 years. He planted new trees in the clearings.
In 1994, he created the first volume of perry, reviving a tradition that hadn't happened since the 1920s. James was joined by Helen Woodman in 1998 and the duo use their combined knowledge and passion to further develop the orchard. In 2001, a private fermentation barn was built, which also houses the antique stone cider press from the eighteenth century.

James and Helen make genuine Herefordshire cider and perry from 100% juice from traditional apple and pear varieties from standard orchards. Their artisanal products have been provided with a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) quality mark since 2003. This is comparable to the French AOP (Appellation d'Origine Protégée). The orchards are located around the village of Much Marcle and are biologically maintained.

This perry from Gregg's Pit is made from one type of perry pears: Thorn.

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fruity and fresh


United Kingdom




Gregg's Pit

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