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Domaine Johanna Cécillon Cidre Nerios 2021 ORGANIC 8.5% 75cl

The apples for this cider are harvested manually from September to December and then stored in bags under a roof for better ripening.
The fermentation takes place in tanks and is then mixed with natural yeasts in oak barrels.

The cider is bottled at the end of May, with natural bubbles and no added sulfur (non-carbonated and unpasteurised).
Then a second fermentation takes place in the bottles. Wild yeasts are needed to make the natural foam, it can cause some cloudiness.

The Nérios is powerful, tannic and surprises with an alcohol content of more than 8%. A copper color, fine bubbles and a light caramel, licorice, vanilla on the palate with a hint of bitterness in the aftertaste.

Goes perfectly with rabbit stewed in cider, pineapple pork, walnut salad, roasted chestnuts, cheese.


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Domaine Johanna Cecillon's ciders are produced by the French couple Johanna and Louis. They are the owners of eleven hectares of land in the communes of Sévignac and Trédias, in northern Brittany.

The production of alcoholic refreshments is in the blood of both. From childhood, Johanna learned how to make cider from her grandparents and her father. That is why the Louis family has been producing various types of wine for generations. Because there is a lot of knowledge from both families, but also because of special training and dedicated passion, this couple set up their own project. That is why they are committed to the production of high-quality cider, made from apples from their own orchards.

In these orchards they grow 14 different kinds of special cider apples. Hence, they have not only sweet apples, but sour and bittersweet apples as well. As a result, all these apples give the ciders a special taste of their own. The orchards are very pristine, they do not use chemicals out of respect for nature. In addition, there is pristine and natural vegetation around the trees and orchards.

In addition, Domaine Cecillon's ciders are organic and no sulfites are added. The apples are picked by hand and stored in a dry place in bags until they reach the correct ripeness. After that, the fermentation takes place in tanks. Then the assembly takes place in oak barrels, with natural yeast. The carbon dioxide occurs naturally, after bottling.

As a result, they are now currently creating three types of cider and one poiré. They are named after a Celtic god or goddess:
• Divona (goddess of streams and rivers). An easily drinkable, dry(er) cider
• Nantosuelta (goddess of nature, earth, fire and fertility). An elegant, somewhat more complex medium cider.
• Nerios (god of flowing springs). A very dry strong cider, with a fairly high alcohol percentage (7%)
• Belenos (sun god). A dry poiré

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