Cider Tastings

Cider and poiré tasting

Lots of ciders, lots of varieties and flavors.
We are convinced that there is a suitable cider for everyone.
Are you not yet familiar with cider and would you like to get acquainted with this delicious drink?
Or have you already tasted some ciders and are you curious about what there is still to discover for the enthusiast?
Have you ever drunk poiré or perry? And what actually tastes good with an artisanal cider?

Some examples of tastings that we organize on request:

  • discover artisanal cider
  • meet artisan poiré and perry
  • French ciders
  • English ciders
  • a tour of the cider highlights of Europe
  • special ciders for advanced users
  • cider and food combinations


To request a cider tasting on location, you can email us at

Unfortunately, it is not possible to organize tastings in our store. We are allowed to taste cider in the store if you request it yourself.