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If you’re finding yourself reading this, it means that you’re a real fan of fine ciders, just like me. Are you sure to get to know who’s on the keyboard typing about tasting notes? Well here I am, my name is Bianca, pleasure to meet you!

After a long time working in the world of wine, almost two years ago I approached this crazy, exciting and wonderful world of cider and poires.
I am a certified sommelier who has been working for a couple of years in hospitality in London, then moved to the Netherlands (for love!) in 2019 and am currently working in a Michelin star restaurant in Amsterdam.
In the same year I came into contact with Heleen, owner of the amazing Appels & Peren cider and poiré shop in Amsterdam, to give her some advice in regards to tasting notes.
I am knowledgeable and qualified in the world of wine but hey ciders, who dis?
Since then we’ve been working together and she made me realize how underrated the world of ciders is at the moment, there is still a long way to go: cider is just at the beginning of its exciting journey to find its well deserved place among the other respected brothers.   
I have to admit that I was so intrigued and fell so much in love with these unknown drinks, that together with her permission I decided to start to write about it.
And here I am!
Like she did with me, I am really excited to unfold this world to you, bringing to light some amazing, incredible and sometimes unbelievable ciders.

So pour yourself a glass of cider (to get into the mood) and just enjoy.
And now that you know a bit more about me, let’s get started. Don’t forget, the first round is on me!

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Drie goede vrienden die tijdens een vakantie in het Verenigd Koninkrijk de lokale ciders proeven: daar begint het verhaal van Ramborn. Tijdens het proeven deelden de vrienden onderling verhalen over hun ouders en grootouders, die lokale appels gebruikten om hun eigen cider te produceren. Zo ontstond het idee om een eigen

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