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Gaby Hibicus 2% 75cl

A delicious French rosé cider made from dried Hibiscus flowers, with only 2% alcohol.


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Gaby is produced by Jean-Philippe Coquelin, based in Rennes, Brittany. Jean-Philippe comes from a family of cider makers (the Fernand family). His grandfather already made a cider from apples and pears from his own orchards in the 1940s, which was very popular. He used more tart apples for his cider than other cider makers in the area did, making the cider fresher in taste.
Jean-Philippe has used his grandfather's recipe as the basis for his Gaby cider en poiré: a natural product, made from 100 % sour varieties of French cider apples and pears, which makes the cider low in tannins. The ciders and the poiré have a low alcohol percentage (only 2%) due to a short fermentation period of 5 to 7 weeks, filtration and a light pasteurization. However, due to the use of sour cider apples, Gaby is not (too) sweet. Gaby is made from freshly squeezed apple and pear juice, no sugar is added, no colorings and flavourings. A delicious fresh, fruity elegant cider/poiré.

Gaby comes in 3 variants:

Nature: a combination of apples and pears. A fruity, slightly sour cider. The combination with pear ensures that the cider feels less sweet and softer.

Hibiscus: the natural cider to which dried hibiscus flowers have been added. This makes the cider feel a bit drier and has a small bitterness.

Poiré: made from only pears. An elegant and refined drink with a slightly tart taste and therefore naturally very refreshing.

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Saint-Fernan Gaby

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fruity and fresh


Non-alcoholic/low-alcohol, Cider