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Bordelet Sydre Argelette 6.5% 75cl

Argelette is the ancient name of the small old pieces of slate that overgrow the clayey loamy soil of the orchards. These orchards are located on soft shale rocks about three billion years old in the 'Normandie Meridionale'.
This Sydre is excellent as a special aperitif, recommended with shellfish, sole with cider sauce, herring, sweet/sour or spicy dishes, cheeses such as camembert and desserts.


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Eric Bordelet became caught up in a passion for cider during his career as a sommelier. After a futile search for the ideal 'Sydre', traditionally written this way, he wanted to make it himself.
A Sydre & Poiré artisanal, traditionally made according to the techniques that have shaped this ancient craft for centuries. Techniques that he has perfected since he took over his grandparents' family property in 1992, 9.5 hectares of orchards.
The planting of 20 different varieties of apple trees and 14 varieties of pears is processed according to the biodynamic farming method.

After manual picking, the fruit dries for 3-9 weeks in wooden boxes, after which it is finely chopped and the purée soaks for about 30 hours. Manually pressed with a wooden press, the must ferments for 1-4 months at 5-10 gr. C., no chapitalization and virtually no sulfur use.

Both the Poiré and the Sydre are delicately fragrant, creamy foamy and delicate in taste with noble fruit aromas, fresh in a rich taste.

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