The perfect holiday drink: iscider



The cold winter months are coming again. Time for candles, delicious dinners and of course: cider! For the real cider lover we have brought in a number of special ciders. Still looking for the perfect holiday drink? Consider, for example, the isciders of the Swedish Brännland.


Swedish climate and fruit

A man who is not afraid to experiment. That typifies Andreas Sundgren, the founder of Brännland. In 2010 he started with the dream of making cider with apples from the cold climate of northern Sweden. After two years of trial and error, he came to the conclusion that the Swedish fruit and climate was best suited for making Iscider. That turned out to be a hit: the Isciders from Brännland are now for sale all over the world and the Iscider 2021 was even on the menu at the Nobel Banquet in Stockholm this year.

What is Iscider?

Iscider is a drink produced by fermenting highly concentrated apple juice that contains a lot of sugar. The apple juice is concentrated by freezing it outside in the arctic, natural cold of northern Sweden. In the spring, when it gets warmer, the concentrated apple juice is drained off, leaving a large amount of ice behind. The advantage of the natural cold is that, due to temperature fluctuations, the process is slowed down and the water is better separated from the sugars, flavors and acid. The concentrated juice is then slowly fermented and produces an amber colored Iscider with a very nice sweet-sour balance and a relatively high alcohol percentage (9.5%). No additives such as sugar, alcohol or dyes are allowed during production. They do not pasteurize or add industrial preservatives such as sorbates.


With which dishes do you drink Iscider?

The Iciders are delicious with cheeses, for example, but also with desserts. Drink the Branland Apple Ice for example as a dessert wine with tasty sweet desserts. Donate the Branland Iscider 2021 with a cheese dish or desserts with apples or berries.
Looking for a real Christmas addition to your dinner? Then think of the Brannland Iscider Ember: a mix of several years of wood-aged Iscider, a little bit of Swedish apple brandy and delicately seasoned with natural herbs. For example, drink it as a traditional mulled wine with blanched almonds, raisins and extra spices or cold over ice.

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