Appel cider vinegar

Many health claims exist about apple cider vinegar. Some say that it causes weight loss, that it helps with eczema and that it reduces your blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The last two seem to be confirmed:

Appels & Peren included cider vinegar in our range because it’s simply delicious in a dressing for salads.
Our apple cider vinegar is, like cider, made from cider apples and imported directly by us from the makers.

At present, we offer several types of cider vinegar in our store, one of which is a perry (pear cider) vinegar. We also have Dutch cider vinegar from UWE and Spanish ‘vinagre de sidra’ from El Gobernador.

Cider Vinegar
Burrow Hill

Full bodied unpasteurised cider vinegar ideal for cooking and salad dressing.
In time the vinegar might drop a deposit. This shows that it is unpasteurised and is considered a good thing.Burrow Hill Cider Vinegar 50cl

Origin: UK (Somerset)
Size: 50cl
Price: € 4,75

Vinaigre de Cidre
Ferme de la Poulardière

Certified organic, this cloudy apple cider vinegar is made from the same cider apples from the farm that are used to make cider. It is made without additives, unpasteurised and aged for at least two years in open oak barrels.

Origin: France (Normandy)
Size: 50cl
Price: € 4,95
Currently sold out.

Les Bulles Ardennaises

A refined, slightly turbid apple cider vinegar produced by the Capitaine family in Lalobbe (Champagne-Ardennes) and made from a basis of 100% apple cider without any additives.

Origin: France (Champagne-Ardennes)
Size: 50cl
Price: € 5,50

Les Bulles Ardennaises

Something special: this is a pear cider vinegar. Thus, it is produced based on perry and naturally, without additives. Mother of vinegar is visible in the bottle. It is particularly suitable for salads, but also for deglazing fish.

Origin: France (Champagne-Ardennes)
Size: 25cl
Price: € 4,70